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Tale of Two Strains – Home to the Best Cannabis in Canada 

The name says it all. If you want the best marijuana that money can buy, this is the online marijuana dispensary to go. We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality cannabis products and mail order marijuana to our customers in the British Columbia province. 


All of our staff members have years of experience growing and smoking cannabis, so they know exactly how to select the right strain for every customer. As soon as you visit our online marijuana dispensary, you can feel the difference immediately. Our marijuana strains are not just well-balanced, but are also very potent. 


Our marijuana dispensary offers convenience and an abundance of options, giving you everything you need to shop to your fullest content. We focus on holistic health, quality strains, and a huge selection of the highest quality cannabis products. This selection includes a large variety of marijuana flowers, cannabis concentrates, edibles, CBD oil, topicals, tinctures, and vape pens.


Our marijuana strains are carefully selected based on their genetic makeup and terpene profile. This means that each strain has its own unique flavor and aroma. All of our products are grown by hand under strict guidelines. They are never sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals, so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting 100% organic weed. We use only the finest genetics and cultivate them meticulously. After harvest, our technicians give each plant a thorough inspection to ensure that they meet our high standards. 


If you prefer smoking cannabis rather than ingesting it, we also carry many different types of vaporizers. These devices allow you to enjoy the full effects of your favorite strain without having to deal with any unpleasant aftertaste.


Above all, our selection of legal weed is available at lowest prices, but don’t take our word for it. In addition to our regular inventory, we also carry several special weekly promos. So, what are you waiting for? Buy weed online in Canada from Tale of Two Strains today!

Who We Are 

Tale of Two Strains was created on the idea of serving our customers the very best marijuana in Canada. Our store offers convenience and an abundance of options, giving you everything you need to shop to your fullest content. 


Our focus is on holistic health, quality strains, and a complete selection. This selection includes cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD, topicals and tinctures. Tale of Two Strains is the most robust, convenient, and trusted online dispensary in Canada. When you want to buy weed online with no fuss or hassle, get your weed shipped quickly and discreetly, and just enjoy quality marijuana, Tale of Two Strains is the perfect place. 


For over five years, our staff has been dedicated to providing our customers with the highest caliber of customer support possible. All of our employees are extremely knowledgeable in the field of medicine, and they work tirelessly to improve the lives of those who depend upon them. 


Many of our employees have studied herbalism, medical chemistry, nutrition, and botany in various graduate programs. Our staff is constantly learning new things, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer assistance whenever needed. So, if you are looking to buy weed online from the best online dispensary in Canada, Tale of Two Strains is your best bet!

Our Values

Professionalism: In order to provide you with a great experience of buying weed online, we need to be at our best. From the ground up, our online dispensary is completely professional— from the speed and privacy of our shipments to the quality of our cannabis items. We respond to customer emails in a timely fashion, have created a super convenient online store, and will help you along the way in anything you may need as you buy weed online from Tale of Two Strains. 


Customer-Centric: At the forefront of our store is the customer support. Our mission is to leave every customer satisfied. For this reason, we have collected the best strains from the most elite growers in Canada, offer incredibly fast shipping times, and offer discreet packaging. 


Quality: We unabashedly hold ourselves to the highest standard possible because our customers deserve nothing less. We’ve established amazing relationships with the best growers in the cannabis industry, which allows us to give you access to amazing strains. And best of all, you can get these amazing cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Why Choose Us?

Dedication to Quality 

When you shop with us, you can be absolutely confident that every single product we offer is of the highest quality. We’re believers in the importance of quality, so we offer products only from the best sources. What you put into your body determines the state of your health, so we’ve ensured that every product you can find on our store has been produced with careful hands, bred using the best practices, and has gone through various levels of review to confirm its quality. Our customers can have complete confidence that they’re getting the very best in Canadian weed. The quality from our online weed dispensary is what separates us from other vendors. So, order weed online from Tale of Two Strains today!

Fast, Free Shipping 

Your mail order marijuana can be delivered to your doorstep within days from Ontario to Weed Delivery Vancouver. One of the concerns when you buy weed online is the speed of the shipment, but when you shop with us, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your shipment will arrive on-time. We use Canada Xpress post, and deliveries typically take 2-5 days. Once you submit your order, you will be emailed a tracking number to follow the status of your shipment. You’ll know exactly where your package is and when it’ll arrive. Best of all, we offer free shipping. Avail our fast and discrete shipping and buy weed online today! 

Complete Privacy 

Any information that’s given to us will be handled securely. We don’t share any information with other parties, and your order will be packaged discreetly. We help you maintain anonymity and our packaging prevents Canada Post from knowing the contents of the shipment. When you buy weed online with an online dispensary in Canada, security is paramount, so we make great efforts to ensure that no information is spilled to other parties. 

Reliable Customer Service 

At Tale of Two Strains, we always place our customers first. Whenever you need us, our customer service is ready to serve you by answering your questions, handling special requests, and doing whatever’s necessary to leave you satisfied. When you buy weed online, problems and setbacks can occur, so it helps to have a customer service team that can efficiently and quickly resolve any issues you may have. Whether it’s an issue with the shipment, a mistake with the order, or a simple question or request, you can always depend on us to respond in a timely manner and handle whatever problem you encounter. 

The Preferred Choice for Medical Marijuana 

Cannabis is undoubtedly one of nature’s most potent plants. Whether you opt for THC or CBD, cannabinoids have been proven to have therapeutic value. It’s important that your online weed dispensary sources its cannabis from quality growers. At Tale of Two Strains, our selection of best quality products is meticulously hand-picked from the best growers in Canada, delivering the absolute best and safest cannabis items on the market. 


Your body features an endocannabinoid system, which is what enables cannabis to provide physiological and psychological therapy. Cannabinoid receptors are spread throughout the body, and when you consume marijuana or CBD, you activate these receptors. It’s through the interaction of the cannabinoids and your body’s endocannabinoid system that you experience the positive impact of cannabis. 


When you buy weed online from us, you’ll find a variety of different cannabis products, allowing you to experience cannabis in a way that works for you. Whether you want to roll up an amazing hybrid strain, eat delicious THC gummies, or drop a tincture in your morning coffee, you can shop our huge selection to find exactly what you need. 


Having good weed is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. We are firm believers that what you put into your body matters, which is exactly the motivation behind Tale of Two Strains. We have collected the very best cannabis products from the most elite growers in Canada, allowing you to conveniently order your weed or CBD on-demand. Whether you want cannabis concentrates, edibles, or flowers, you’ll have complete confidence that our products are of high quality. 


If you’re searching for medical marijuana or CBD, Tale of Two Strains is the clear choice. 

Customer Care Is at Our Core 

Ordering weed online can be a question mark if you don’t trust the store. At the center of every transaction is our commitment to customer service. By responding quickly, resolving issues, and treating each customer request with the utmost care, we make buying weed online easier than it has ever been. 


We believe that every shopper who wants to find quality marijuana should be able to do so freely. With our abundance of cannabis products, our easy to use website, and our reliable customer service response team, shopping at our online weed dispensary is a pleasure for our customers. 


Whether you have a simple request or a major problem with your order, Tale of Two Strains makes it incredibly simple to get the help you need. 

Easy-To-Use Online Weed Dispensary

Our online platform is a breeze. Simply browse our wide selection, add your desired items to cart, and begin the easy checkout process. To make things easy, create an account by establishing a login username, add your email address, password, and add your mailing address. Once you’ve done so, your online account will be created, and you’ll be able to experience the very best of our shopping experience. Submitting your first order is incredibly simple with our site. 


Our customers enjoy complete security and privacy. We don’t share your personal information with any third party, giving you complete anonymity as you search online for your marijuana of choice. Our mission is to be the best online dispensary Canada we can be. Every one of our customers deserves to get the very best in weed, and we make it so remarkably easy to get the quality cannabis you need. 

Affordable Pricing 

Buying weed online shouldn’t break the bank. At Tale of Two Strains, you can get the very best in marijuana and CBD at the fraction of the cost when compared against other online weed dispensaries. Our selection of concentrates, edibles, CBD, flowers, topicals, and tinctures give you a full selection of amazing medical marijuana products. If you’re on the hunt for cheap weed that’s also of very high quality, our store offers everything you need. There is no better place to buy cheap, high quality weed online in Canada than Tale of Two Strains. 


When shopping online for weed, you’re often faced with a dilemma. Do you sacrifice quality for affordability? Or do you let your wallet take a hit and procure the best weed your money can buy? When you shop with us, you don’t need to make that compromise. Our cannabis items have been carefully curated from the best sources in Canada, giving you access to affordable cannabis that you’ll absolutely enjoy. 

Near-Endless Options 

Our online weed dispensary is packed with amazing cannabis. Everything from flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD, topicals and tinctures. We carry a variety of strains from quality farmers, have selected the very best cannabis items for our store, and you’ll always have opportunities to try something new. Whether you’re an experienced cannabis user, or you’re a newbie looking to get your toes wet, our store is absolutely perfect for you. We also stock our store with new products consistently.


It’s highly likely we have exactly what you’re looking for, and if you’re not sure of what you need, it’s so easy to browse our selections and explore the many different types of cannabis products we offer. 

What We Offer 


Whether you prefer buds or dabs, we can accommodate you. From Indica strains to Sativa strains to Hybrid strains, our marijuana flowers come from some of the most reputable producers in the world. We carry strains from Grease Monkey, 91 Krypt, White Truffle, Cactus, OG Kush, Green Dream, and many more.


There are four options to choose from depending on your preference: dry flower, live trim, pre-rolled joints, and capsules. Dry flower is the least expensive option, while capsules are the most expensive. Capsules contain the exact amount of active ingredients that you would expect from dried bud. Live trim is the best option if you’re planning on smoking your weed within a few hours of opening the package. This type of packaging allows you to maintain the optimal temperature for up to 72 hours. Pre-rolled joints are the cheapest option. Just visit our online weed dispensary and buy weed online with a single click in the comfort of your home!


Edibles are another popular choice for consumers who prefer to consume their pot orally. This method gives users a much stronger high than smoking does, which makes it easier to function normally during the day. When you buy weed online from Tale of Two strains, you have acces to the full spectrum of edibles including brownies, cookies, gummies, chocolates, candy bars, and more. 


Concentrates are extracts made from the buds or trichomes of the plant. These extracts are usually sold in small quantities, and are often mixed with herbs and other natural substances. Some examples of concentrate brands include: BHO (butane hash oil), shatter, wax, and resin. These items are commonly used for dabbing, vaporizing, and mixing. 

CBD & Cannabinoids 

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is known for its medicinal properties. It is extracted from hemp, and is non-psychoactive. There are many benefits associated with CBD oil, including chronic pain relief, stress and clinical depression reduction, mood enhancement, and improved sleep and other nighttime use related benefits.


Cannabinoids are found in the plant matter of the cannabis plant. THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis, while CBN and CBC are non-psychotropic compounds that produce additional benefits. 

Tale of Two Strains Is Focused on You 

The most important element of our store is you, the client. Our goal is to ensure everyone who shops with us gets exactly what they need, get it in the timeframe that’s needed, and that they have no complaints. For this to happen, we’ve placed an extraordinary amount of our energy towards excellent customer service. 


For many online weed dispensaries, “customer service” is a buzzword. For us, it’s our ethos. It’s apparent in every interaction with our customers. The way we’ve designed our store to create the ultimate weed buying experience. The quality and clarity of our communication when there’s a problem to be resolved. How we treat every customer like a member of our own family. We don’t want you to merely buy marijuana; we want you to leave our store fully satisfied— no exceptions. 


Traditionally, shopping for marijuana online has been a gamble. There’s no telling the number of things that can go poorly: weak cannabis, packaging that lacks discretion, slow shipping, etc. We’ve created our mail order marijuana store with a few things in mind: quality, privacy, convenience, and speed. This results in you receiving amazing cannabis at the fraction of the cost of other stores, while also receiving your order quickly and discreetly. 

Order Today!

Are you ready to buy weed online? Visit us today and buy weed online from one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. We offer unbeatable prices and accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac e-Transfer, American Express, and Discover cards, along with PayPal. All orders are shipped discreetly. We guarantee fast delivery, and you won’t ever worry about delivery issues with our safe and discreet mail order marijuana.


There’s no better place to buy marijuana products online in Canada than Tale of Two Strains. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the western coast of Vancouver, the eastern coast of Nova Scotia, or you’re in a metropolitan area like Cannabis Ontario, we can deliver your cannabis products directly to your door or mailbox. Enjoy our largest selection of quality products, including Indica, Sativa, hybrids, concentrates, edibles, and CBD. We are always adding new products to our weed list, giving you access to the best cannabis products in the country. 


If you’re looking for an online marijuana dispensary that’s speedy, reliable, customer-focused, and high quality, Tale of Two Strains is the answer. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order online with us today!