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Among the most well-known psychedelic drugs in the world are psilocybin mushrooms, sometimes referred to as magic mushrooms or shrooms. They have been around for thousands of years. And studies have demonstrated the beneficial and long-lasting impacts of mushrooms on our psychological health. It has been used to alleviate mental illnesses like addiction, severe depression, and persistent anxiety.

Higher dosages of mushrooms will change the way you see the world and send you on an extraordinary spiritual trip. You'll see an improvement in your mood, mental health, and creativity at smaller dosages.

There are many different reasons why people use magic mushrooms. Whatever your motivation is, we have a variety of magic mushroom strains to fit any situation.

We at Tale of Two Strains provide high-quality psilocybin-containing mushrooms that can have interesting effects and medicinal advantages, whether you're trying to liberate your creative energies, improve your mood, or even go on a religious trip. We got you covered.

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What are Magic Mushrooms?

Any kind of fungi that includes psilocybin or its precursor psilocin is referred to as a "magic mushroom." These drugs interact with serotonin receptors within the brain to produce a hallucinogenic effect, or "trip," as it is usually called.

More than 180 species of magic mushrooms have been recognized as of this writing. However, they all have relatively comparable results. They can cause anything from moderate bliss to intense hallucinations and mystical feelings, based on the quantity.

They have been a significant component of religious rites and rituals for ages because of this. They have gained popularity as recreational drugs lately, and researchers are also looking at their medicinal potential these days.

Psilocybin: How Does It Work?

Even while psilocybin has a long history, its psychedelic properties were not discovered by scientists till the middle of the 20th century. Psilocybin is changed by the body into a different substance called psilocin. That is what causes the body to experience hallucinations.

Psilocybin communicates with the area of the brain that causes abstract reasoning, and influences mood, thoughts, and critical reasoning when you eat or take mushrooms.

This component interacts with many sections of your brain to cause a variety of effects, including the psychedelic effects of mushrooms and temporal dilations. The use of mushrooms in medicine has increased because they exhibit effects that are remarkably similar to those of DMT and LSD.

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Effects of Magic Mushrooms

First off, keep in mind that not all psilocybe mushrooms are created equal; some may contain more psilocybin and/or be more effective. Also, based on the brewing procedure and the tolerances of the user, even a similar strain might have various effects, both physiological and hallucinogenic.

The way the medication is produced is also crucial. Last but not least, how much you eat magic mushroom products will have a big impact on how it affects you. The true health benefits of mushrooms can only be felt after ingesting three grams of the fungus; individuals who take smaller doses might not experience the same results.

The time and depth of your mystical experience with magic mushroom use might vary depending on a number of factors, including your gender, sensitivity, age, weight, existing medical issues, etc. The quality of your shroom journey and entire shroom experience might be impacted by your mood.


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Medical Benefits

Magic mushrooms aren't simply used for escapism or tripping. Since they have long been a focus of psychedelic and consciousness research, several medical and therapeutic advantages of mushrooms have come to light.

As opposed to certain cannabis products, medicinal research on certain mushrooms is still in its early phases. Nevertheless, medical professionals continue to recommend magic mushrooms as a common form of treatment for the following conditions:

·         Addiction Cessation

·         Cancer-Related Psychological Conditions

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

·         Stress

·         Cluster Headaches

Adverse Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms are well known for their curative and medicinal value. Although mushrooms are used recreationally by millions around the world, they can potentially have harmful consequences.

However, much of it depends on how much you take and how these adverse effects may occur. Negative consequences might result from excess consumption or using improper techniques while using mushrooms. Thus, always be careful to consume in moderation and wait a while between dosages.

Overdosing on psilocybin mushrooms is not particularly damaging because there is no mushroom poisoning, but there are still a number of drawbacks. Make sure you take them in a secure setting with individuals you can rely on to look out for you.

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How to Consume Magic Mushrooms?

The majority of individuals consume psilocybin mushrooms, despite the fact that their flavor and texture are not particularly pleasant. People frequently drink them as tea, combine them with Nutella or peanut butter, or incorporate them into shakes and smoothies to make them more acceptable.

Additionally, dried magic mushrooms can be powdered and turned into capsules. Those who want to utilize hallucinogenic drugs as medicine may find this way to be very suitable.

Are Psilocybin Mushrooms Safe?

Next to cannabis, magic mushrooms are among the safest legal substances for recreational use. It is nearly hard to abuse; you would need to consume 18 pounds of mushrooms before you would experience fatal overconsumption rather than psilocybin effects. Also, beware of the poisonous mushrooms.

The setting in which you are taking magic mushrooms poses the most risk. You should be in a setting where you feel safe, much as when consuming alcohol or any other narcotics. You should be in a scenario where you have no constraints, such as driving or looking after kids.

Are Magic Mushrooms Compulsive Drugs?

Since this issue is still being discussed, there is no definitive conclusion as to whether psilocybin is compulsive or not. Some consumers may not experience addiction after regularly consuming magic mushrooms for a few days, whereas others might start to want more of it. LSD and other psychedelics are frequently mixed with magic mushrooms, which might enhance the likelihood that a user will develop an addiction.

As the body rapidly builds resistance to them, the benefits of magic mushrooms might significantly lessen until the person stops taking them for a period, making them less addictive.

Psilocybin may lead to psychological addiction even if it is not thought to be hazardous or habit-forming. After ingesting magic mushrooms, some individuals could also go through a mental detox during which they might have problems distinguishing between what is true and what is not.


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