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Cannabis concentrates are quickly becoming a fast-growing category of cannabis products. They are celebrated for their amazing potency and the fast-acting effects which many people have come to love. From tinctures, and kief to the wax and THC butane hash oil, marijuana concentrates can have various product forms and you can browse through our epic selection that will have you coming back for more. Cannabis concentrates continue to become a top choice of consumers due to their hard-hitting tendencies that bring some terrific aroma and flavor too. marijuana concentrate, carbon dioxide  

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

These concentrates, commonly referred to as marijuana concentrates, have become the new black. These are some very powerful cannabis products that produce amplified flavors and effects offering a grander experience with a little intake. They are mainly made by gathering the resin trichomes of the cannabis plants. The high-level effect is due to the massive volume of the cannabinoids and terpenes which are gathered from those newly-harvested crystalline trichomes. That fresh extraction makes all the difference bringing higher quality and impact to the concentrates.

What are the different concentrate types?

There are various types when it comes to consuming cannabis concentrates. It is important to know that a type is determined by its creation methodology. Due to this, the types can vary in texture, and form despite containing similar cannabinoid levels and excess plant material. Also, there is no competition in choosing the best marijuana concentrate or if one is superior to the other because every formula offers something unique and is specific to the buyer's taste and preference. Some popular types are:

The Kief

It is in powdery form and offers the least potency ranging between 26%–34% THC. So if you want to begin slow, this would be just the perfect option.   cannabis extracts


The oldest concentrate, hash has a long history of being smoked for centuries. It’s created from loose trichomes gathered in a block form. The hash can also be available in the loose form which is called the dry sift or bubble hash. It is a little more potent than the kief and offers 37%–57% THC.  


A very popular concentrate, Shatter is made by utilizing the butane extraction method and receives its moniker for its glass formation, a thin solidified oil sheet that can shatter into tiny pieces upon handling. Shatter generally offers THC between 60% to 80%.  


A sticky but terpene-rich concentrate, Rosin packs a punch in the flavor department. It is readied by utilizing the solvent-less extraction method and is currently a hit among health-conscious users seeking a solvent-free option that carries bold flavor. Rosin offers THC ranging from 65% to 70%.  


The RSO is a viscous and sticky oil that is very rich in THC. It carries the reputation of enhanced medicinal properties. The RSO is a thick and syrupy consistency and generally comes in the syringe form, from there one can apply it sublingually or transfer it to food or liquids. While the RSO is imbued with THC, it is also very CBD-dominant.    


This concentrate is developed with a very complex distillation process that methodically segregates THC from all other compounds in the cannabis plant. Since this method is so effective at isolating, various distillate oils can attain amazing THC levels of around 98%. This is a cleaner and more sophisticated process for optimal THC results.    

How are the trichomes gathered?

There are different ways the trichomes are gathered. For instance, while the rosin's production process is pressure and heat to squeeze out that resin, kief is created by shaking the trichomes loose by agitating them and then collecting that finely powdered residue.  

How potent are marijuana concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates have extraordinarily increased THC levels that range from 40% to 80%. Such forms can be four times higher in THC content than even the most high-grade marijuana which only carries around 20% THC.   cannabis oil, cannabis extract  

Why do People Use Marijuana Concentrates?

Many consumers who enjoy marijuana concentrates do so for the strong and quickly delivered cannabis impact they deliver. While a Shatter dab can offer 70% THC, other cannabis products may offer measly amounts which may not satisfy those who want that big bang. So concentrates can give you a higher effect with one inhalation taking you on that epic marijuana experience you seek. This is why people choose concentrates over other products, the dynamic is like no other. Concentrates offer that pure and plant-like flavor which gives you a fantastic overall experience. Moreover, because of the increased terpene content, the concentrates hits can bring you delightful flavors with therapeutic effects that relax and reduce your agitation quickly. It can calm your nerves helping you with relieving different anxiety disorders. So while potency is the name of the game with concentrates, they can be exceptionally useful for people who seek high THC doses for managing inflammation and any other seizure symptoms ailing them. Nevertheless, it is always wise to take extra caution with concentrates because you may end up consuming more than you can handle. Hence, if you are new to this world, begin low, let your body take it, and feel the complete effect and then you can take things up a notch. Never risk yourself to excess just for the fun of it, these things have medical purposes and are not meant to be abused.

Can someone overdose on concentrates?

No. While the good thing is that there is no history of anyone overdosing on concentrates, you can rest assured and know that it is not possible for this to happen. Marijuana concentrates don't pose a threat to your life, they only have health benefits. Nonetheless, a cannabis concentrate can be rather powerful and will easily give you the experience of a lifetime so it is always wise to be careful lest you are caught off guard.

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