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Cannabis plants are used to make different strains of marijuana. The most well-known are the Sativa, Indica, and hybrid marijuana strain. But these tend to contain a lot of plant matter, which can affect whether it has high potency or not. This has led to more people looking to buy cannabis in concentrated form. So if you want to learn more about these concentrates and where to buy Shatter online, keep reading for more information! Marijuana is known to have a strong and strange odor in its smoke

What is in Concentrates?

Concentrates typically combine cannabis extracts with larger amounts of cannabinoids (for the benefits) and terpenes (for the taste and aroma aspect). The process involves solvent extraction to separate the smaller pieces of plant matter from the desired chemicals. To ensure careful extraction, substances like Butane are used. As a result of this process, concentrates are so potent they immediately affect the human body. Since the amount of THC is so condensed, it instantly calms the mind and can make one feel drowsy as soon as it's entered the body.

What are the Different Concentrates?

These concentrates come in different variations. Can't decide which cannabis extracts are best for you? Let's look into them a bit more closely, then.


Shatter is one of the most popular concentrates available in the market. Since it contains upwards of 80% THC, it's one of the purest forms one can access.

Sugar Wax

This concentrate is made similarly to Shatter because it requires the extraction of Butane. Since its appearance resembles brown sugar, it's earned the name Sugar Wax. Additionally, it's made with any strain that can retain water to ensure the best result.

Other Wax Variations

Budder Wax is another type of Wax that's prepared at high temperatures. It has a soft and oily texture because it's whipped as extracted. Budder isn't very pure, though, since it mainly contains terpenes. Crumble is prepared similarly to budder, but the texture is brittle. It gets its name from how easily it can break apart in your hands. Since this concentrate requires a low temperature instead of a high one, it tends to have a stronger flavour.


This is a broad name for any cannabis oil containing vital THC amounts. These cannabis concentrates can be smoked, consumed, applied as a topical, or vaped. It's also known as hash oil.

What is the Difference Between Dabs and Concentrates?

Concentrates tend to have more potent cannabinoids plus terpenes, while Dabs exclude plant matter for better taste and aroma. Also, Dabs are made through the extraction of butane hash oil. In contrast, concentrates are a broader umbrella term for products made from the cannabis plant. Concentrates are often baked into edibles

What is THC Shatter Weed?

Let's look closely at the Shatter concentrates, so you know as much as possible before you buy Shatter online. Canada has a progressive attitude about marijuana and its concentrates, so the best dispensaries aim to educate. Some variations of Shatter can combine Sativa or Indica, while others can be an Indica-dominant hybrid.

What is the Difference Between Shatter Weed and Marijuana?

The most remarkable difference between the two is that Shatter is an incredibly hard-hitting strain. Marijuana contains a lower dose of THC, at most 20%. Shatter, on the other hand, can have up to 90%. Marijuana also has a pungent aroma which can be off-putting to some. Shatter doesn't have much of a strange odour till it's been heated. However, aside from these differences, the two still have the same hypnotic powers to create euphoric feelings and calm nerves and anxiety flare-ups. Both also tend to increase one's appetite.

What is the Best Way to Take Shatter?

The most common way to take Shatter is with a dab rig. Like vape pens, you rely on an electronic device that applies heat to create vapours. You can also smoke Shatter by rolling it in a joint. The benefit of dabbing, however, is how potent the high is. It also works immediately, so dabbing would be best if you want to manage/minimize the physical pain. When you smoke Shatter in a joint, it will enter your system more slowly. But when smoking, you can mix it with your preferred strain for added benefits. For example, if you need help with insomnia or pain from inflammation diseases (like arthritis), you can combine Shatter with the Indica strain. So the best way to take Shatter depends on your individual needs. Dabbing guarantees an instant high, but it's easier to roll it in a joint since it can break apart easily. If neither of these appeals to you, you can use vape pens.

Should I Take Shatter Weed or Wax?

Shatter, and Wax have comparable amounts of THC and similar stress and pain relief properties. Making them is also not too different since Butane is used for solvent extraction. The difference, however, lies in how potent they are. Even when they contain the same amount of THC, Shatter tends to provide a longer-lasting high. In some cases, Shatter can maintain its effects for an entire day. Meanwhile, Wax tends to wear off much faster.

Where can I Buy Shatter Online Canada?

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