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The most outstanding quality Hash available online is provided by Tale of Two Strains. Hash is sometimes referred to be the first cannabis extract. It has never been simpler to buy Hashish online in Canada, and we take pride in offering the best prices and items of the finest calibre. Tale of Two Strains is now here to offer the most remarkable quality cannabis concentrates and the most inexpensive items on the marketplace, whether you're searching to purchase Afghani Hash online or wish to discover other current-wave cannabis concentrates.

What is Hash?

For millennia, Hash has been utilized for medical purposes. It is made by collecting the resin from cannabis buds, typically using water, salt, or screens to separate the cannabinoid from the plant material. Though Bubble Hash is formed of cannabis terpenes gathered using purified ice water, Hashish is composed of crushed resin buds combed simultaneously. Hash is made up of cannabis concentrate terpenes, which contain cannabinoids, both CBD and THC. The best quality and smallest mesh sizes are recommended for dry sift screens since they prohibit cannabis plant materials from passing through the filter. A greater proportion of Hash may be manufactured in various methods; however, the ice cube extraction method, which gives the notorious Bubble Hash kind, is what most people like to perform since it produces the greatest effects. See the source image

What is the Afghan Hash?

Typically, short, thorny Indica strains are used to produce Afghan Hash. In Afghanistan, Hashish is produced using a method similar to that used in various traditional Hash-producing regions of Asia. It is black and has a lustrous aspect. The granular resin is sieved using mesh fabrics with different pore diameters, and the grade of the resin is then determined. The powdered resin is then stored until its sorting for the manufacturing of Hash. It smells and tastes peppery and gritty. Particularly for cannabis smokers who are just starting, it could be too much for your oesophagus and cause choking. It produces an extreme, rocky sort of high. After a few doses, the high takes effect after around 5 minutes. Based on the Indica strain, it can have a THC content of more than 6.5%.

How is Hash Produced?

Hash is made from the cannabis plant, much like other cannabis concentrates, but it undergoes a unique procedure. Mature cannabis plants are sieved repeatedly until only a powdery residue made of cannabinoids is left. Then, professionals compress and boil this substance. All of the resins blend and create little cubes as the final product. Depending on the plant from which it was derived, cannabis extract has a range of high THC levels from 1% to 26%. It also frequently contains the rich flavor of additional chemicals such as CBN and CBD. See the source image

Types of Afghani Hash

It is worth noting that our Hashish items are from Marijuana plants that have undergone processing to preserve the best plant constituents. Compared to natural cannabis concentrate, these cannabis concentrates have a higher percentage of CBD and THC. There are presently five distinct varieties of Afghani Hash available at Tale of Two Strains. This would include White Cheese, Burkle, Skywalker, Giesel, AK-47, and White Cheese. On our product catalogue, you can get more information about each of these forms of concentrates.

What Physical Effects Does Hash Have?

Hash has more THC per unit than Marijuana, making it a more powerful type of cannabinoid concentrates. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the primary chemical in Marijuana that produces most of its psychological impacts. Most Hash variants have THC contents of 40 - 60 % or more. Hash has a THC content of 90% in one extreme kind. Despite being less intense, bubble Hash, a solventless Hash produced using cold water, nevertheless possesses thousands of terpene buds and cannabis concentrates.

Is Hash Compulsive?

Unchecked Hashish usage can turn into a substance abuse disorder. Hash addiction may lead to difficulties with jobs, school, and marriage. It is also connected to physical or psychological concerns. Hash use is also related to recurrent urges for the THC and drug. Continued use of weed despite its detrimental effects is proof of addiction. Dry sift, Cannabis concentrate

From What Afghan Hash is Manufactured?

The trichome heads of the Afghani Hash plant are filtered and used to make Afghan Hashish. The triterpenoids are taken from the bush and filtered via fabric or filters to eliminate plant debris. Bricks are then created by pressing this "dry sieve."

Is Afghani Hashish Sativa or Indica?

Afghan Hash would've been regarded as an Indica as it is manufactured from the Afghani Hash plant, one of the common types of Indica.

Describe an Afghan Hash Plant.

For years, if not millennia, Afghanis have been growing the Indica Afghan Hash plant species of Marijuana. It is compact and small and was developed for Afghanistan's rugged, arid terrain.

How to Consume Hash?

If you have never consumed Hash before, you might be uncertain about how to utilize it. But there is no reason to be perplexed. We are here to assist. Although it may be used for dabbing, this is not advisable to do it anyway. You can enjoy the high-graded Hash products from Tale of Two Strains in the methods listed below: 1. Form snake-shaped rolls of Hash. Put them inside or all about a sharp or a cigarette. 2. In your pipe, combine or add blossoms on top of the flower. 3. Ingest on a filter, water pipe, or tubing. 4. Use a vape. Several vapers are made especially for extracts like Hash and others. Some people can manage both Hashish and dry herbs. Hemp fibre that has been degummed can be advantageous. This prevents your Hash from jamming the internals of the vaper. It will also make wiping simpler. Lastly, using a low temperature frequently results in a fuller flavour. Some individuals prefer to begin with a low degree and increase it toward the finish. Try several things to determine what works finest for you. What matters most when consuming cannabis concentrate is a personal choice.


If you want to purchase Hash online in Canada, Tale of Two Strains has you covered. Hash has been available almost as long as people have been yearning for the curative, medical, and intoxicating effects of cannabis concentrates. Hash products of the highest grade may be ordered online and delivered quickly to your home.
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