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With cannabis getting the green light in Canada, innovative ways are constantly introduced for consuming the plant. Cannabis pre-rolls have become the talk of the town as they offer medical cannabis patients much convenience. Before pre-rolls, newbies found it hard to consume marijuana because of the rolling hurdles. Give our pre-rolls category at A Tale of Two Strains a scan and check out the epic products we have in store for you. These pre-rolls are ready-made, so there is no need for additional setup; light them up and enjoy.

What is a Pre-roll?

A pre-roll is the classic cannabis joint already rolled, so you don't have to go through the fuss. The standard pre-roll's components encompass cannabis, the rolling paper, and the small filter at the end, which you place in your mouth. shop, pre roll, cannabis plant Often pre-rolls entail infusions of cannabis products for potency enhancement. The cannabis strain used will determine the taste, aroma, and traits. Generally, the pre-rolls come with freshly ground high-quality buds proffering the best result and taste.  Also, there are pre-rolls variations readied by combining various marijuana strains for creating a rainbow or mystery rolls. Pre-rolls are a hit because, like the standard bongs, vapes, and bowls, they don't require any additional equipment hassle or preparation.

How to Check a Pre-roll's Quality?

Before you indulge, get a single roll to assess it. Smell it, and the heady aroma will be a testament to its high quality. At A Tale of Two Strains, we are extremely conscious of bringing you only top-quality products, and our pre-rolls are among the freshest and best in the market. 

What Are the Different Types of Pre-rolls

Just like all other marijuana products, pre-rolls are available in varieties. Every pre-roll carries a unique strain that gives the consumers the taste they prefer and the effects they seek. Common pre-roll types are:

Indica Dominant

For those seeking stress relief and insomnia fixes with enhanced tranquillity, Indica pre-rolls are the answer. These rolls are also famous for their deeply relaxing properties of CBD. They are also great for relieving pain. cannabis

Sativa Dominant

The Sativa strain pre-rolls are famous for their mood-enhancing and energy-boosting traits. They can flow your creative juices by opening your mind and helping with your focus. Your productivity levels will be high. Moreover, Sativa is best for preventing symptoms and impending fatigue. These pre-rolls have high THC content, which helps boost the mood and can be great for fighting anxiety and depression.


The hybrid pre-rolls combine all the good stuff Indica and Sativa offer. The hybrid strain pre-roll can contain different levels of Indica and Sativa, and it is up to you to check which strain you want to be more dominant in your pre-roll. Always match the hybrid's traits to your needs, such as fighting sleep problems, boosting energy, pain relief, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Pre-rolls?

The art of rolling can mandate much patience and precision. Therefore it is not easy to achieve for all. However, pre-rolls have eliminated this issue by bringing a world of convenience. When the cannabis joint is your only way of smoking, you need mastery in a roll, and attempting yourself can get messy. Below are some benefits they offer:

Very Portable

Anytime, anywhere! That's the beauty of pre-rolls. You can take them wherever you go and light them up when the mood strikes. They are tiny, like cigarettes, so it is effortless to store and carry them. For those needing medical marijuana, this can be particularly beneficial. When utilizing cannabis for pain management or a medical condition, it is critical that you take your cannabis when you travel; therefore, pre-rolls proffer great portability.

Very Affordable

Compared to other products, pre-rolls can be relatively affordable. For those stepping into this world, high-quality marijuana can be pricey. You are not sure if you will like cannabis, so investing in something expensive may not be the best decision. Getting pre-rolls allows you to decide if cannabis is meant for you without wasting equipment, buying a whole flower jar, or breaking the bank. rolled cannabis, new strains


You might think, what the big deal is? It's just rolling! Trust us; it is much harder than it looks. Rolling joints may sound like fun, but it can be a highly complex task. Pre-rolls are made of high quality, saving you from the troubles of fixing your roll. Many consumers roll wrongly, making them too tight or loose and adding excessive or insufficient weed, which means waste. Opting for a cannabis pre-roll makes you enjoy it, knowing that professionals do it and you are getting value for your money.

What Are the Storage Considerations for a Pre-roll?

While storage is something you need to be careful about in almost all weed products, a pre-roll requires a certain level of attention. You must store any flower products in a good quality airtight container to keep them from drying. Yes, mason jars are also a good choice, but they are prone to breakage, so your pre-rolls will be wasted. Therefore, containers are the safest route. Nonetheless, you can also choose sealed bags or get temperature-controlled containers for protecting your rolls if you are an avid consumer.

How Much Pre-roll Weed Should You Smoke?

Experienced smokers know well how much their body can take and what is the safe limit. However, if you are new to pre-rolls, start with only a few small puffs. You can then understand how much you can inhale that will give you the desired effects. Never go overboard.

Is It Necessary to Smoke a Roll Thoroughly Once Lit?

No. When you light your pre-roll, you can smoke a tiny part of it and snuff it out gently in an ashtray to save it for lighting it up later. You don't have to finish all at once.
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