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cannabis flower

With Cannabis products all the rage, if you are seeking high-quality Cannabis Flower products in Canada, then you are in the right place. Browse through our amazing range and you will find something suiting your taste.   Female cannabis plants, cannabis research

What is the Cannabis Flower?

The 'Flower’ is the trichome-imbued part of the cannabis plant and this is the main part that you can smoke. A flower is an integral form of cannabis intake owing to the versatility it offers in methods of usage. You can have the flower part in loose or powdered form and then it is added to supplements or you can also smoke it in a bong or pipe. There are many ways you can choose from to get the best experience. Moreover, it can be used in cooking and rolled as a joint too.  

What is the Anatomy of the Cannabis Flower?


The Cannabis Leaves

Cannabis plants have two kinds of leaves called the Cannabis Sativa and the Cannabis Indica, they vary in their THC and CBD levels. While the Sativa leaf comes thin and long it is also light in color. The Indica, however, comes broad, and wide, and has a darker hue to it. The various strains can have different effects on users so it is always best to test out which would be the best option for you. genus cannabis, smoke cannabis, dioecious plant

The Cola

It is the botanical term that describes the flowering area of a female cannabis plant. These female plants hold distinct physical structures and do not produce a flower, unlike male plants. Rather they have the blossoming buds spread in a cluster and that is known as the cola on a Cannabis plant.  


The bud is the part that holds all the cannabinoids, this part is ground up and then used for adding in the products, supplements, or smoked. Only female plants like the Cannabis plant can produce flowers in their flowering stage over a period of seven to eight weeks.  

The Trichomes

These are the crystals clearly visible on the flowering tops, a very rich source of THC. This is an important part that can indicate the potency of cannabis. Trichomes have the ability to change their size and color depending on their growing cycle stage. medical marijuana, flowering plants So this is the part that gives all the information about the root system and maturity of the plant and if it is harvest ready.  


The Terpenes are the organic aromas in the cannabis flower's oil. Such oils carry their unique benefits which can have an enhanced impact once ingested. If the Terpenes and the Cannabinoids work together, an entourage effect is developed which amplifies the medicinal traits of cannabis flower.    

What are the important components of cannabis flowers?

  Cannabis plants are made up of over 120 components that give them their unique properties, these components are known as the cannabinoids. While experts remain unsure yet about the details of every cannabinoid, there is ample information and emphasis put on deciphering the wonders of two of these cannabinoids:  

The CBD or Cannabidiol

It is a highly psychoactive cannabinoid but it is non-euphoric and non-intoxicating, you will not be getting high or lose your sense of reality. It is used to aid in inflammation reduction and can help with pain relief by easing muscle strain. It further helps with migraines, nausea, anxiety, seizures, and much more. While CBD has a vast medicinal use, researchers strive to discover all of its wondrous properties.  

The THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol

It is the chief psychoactive element in the cannabis flower. The THC is the component that can give you that little high feeling and what people often associate with the cannabis plant. You can easily find many medical cannabis products which contain THC and CBD in combination or have these components individually. cannabis sativa l, cannabis strains However, the dried Cannabis flower that people are obsessed with can contain both these cannabinoids. Nonetheless, some strains can have more amounts than others. Hemp carries massive CBD quantities yet zero THC.  

What are some health benefits of the Cannabis Plant?

People flock to the cannabis world owing to the various psychoactive effects, and medicinal and health benefits it has to offer.

Lowering the blood pressure

Studies have shown that cannabis flower intake can help regulate your blood pressure significantly. It can reduce resting blood pressure while also helping in keeping the pressure low during stressful situations.  

Reduces inflammation

CBD has a long history of proving how effectively it helps with quick inflammation relief. If you suffer neuropathic pain due to inflammation then CBD is the best option to give you that much-needed comfort.  

Saves from Addiction Relapses

Struggling with relapse is one of the biggest issues recovering drug users and alcoholics can face and it can be hard to come back from. Studies have discovered how big a role the Cannabis flower cannabinoids can play in helping people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The CBD in the cannabis plant reduces all those stress-induced withdrawals and cravings, anxiety, and lacking impulse control which accelerates the relapse process.  

Treats Anxiety Disorders

In a world riddled with anxiety, the cannabis flower has come as a boon. People initially gravitated towards cannabis owing to the anxiety relief it delivers. It can be very effective in effectively treating generalized anxiety disorders, panic attacks, social anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.  

Helps with gastrointestinal disorders

The non-psychoactive cannabinoids in the cannabis plant can effectively be utilized to treat and prevent the GI disorders such as IBS, IBD, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, etc. The cannabinoids' anti-inflammatory traits are the main key to reducing the disorder ergo preventing the painful symptoms.  

Prevents Seizures

Research spanning decades has gone into discovering how cannabis plants can treat epilepsy or any other seizure syndromes. Many studies have depicted the positive effects of decreasing the symptoms of seizures.  
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