First Time/New Customers

  • First time/New Customers will receive 6,000 points ($20 value) to use towards your order

How to Collect Points:

  • First time Customers get 6,000 Points upon registration
  • Receive 3 points per $1 that is spent on our website
  • Write a review and receive 600 points ($2 value)
  • Refer a friend and receive 3,000 points ($10 value)

Redeem Points:

  • For every 300 points, you can redeem $1 towards your order

Tracking Your Points:

  • Your points can be viewed on your my accounts page

How to use your points

You can use your points at any time towards your orders. In both the Cart and Checkout page, there will be a button that says APPLY DISCOUNT that you can click. A pop up box will then show up in which you can enter use all of your points or a partial amount of points you wish to redeem towards your order to deduct from your order total.

Please note that for free shipping of over $150, your order total amount be over $150 AFTER applying all points and coupons. Otherwise, shipping fee will be automatically applied if your order falls below $150 after applying coupon and/or redeeming points towards your order.