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RockStar – Summary

The RockStar strain is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that induces utterly relaxing effects but without sedation. Beneficial for both recreational and medical users, this bud is indeed one of many stoners’ “favorite strains”, providing them with a perfectly balanced high.

Relaxing and uplifting, the RockStar marijuana strain is usually recommended for evening or nighttime use.

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The RockStar marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 indica/sativa ratio. Characterized by a strong-hitting high with no sedative effects, this bud is a real rock star among cannabis strains.

This indica-dominant hybrid takes away the pain and helps its users to relax while elevating their mood. RockStar has won second place in a High Times Cannabis Cup in the 2012 hybrid category.

RockStar kush weed comes with impressive and famous origins that gave this bud its amazing terpene profile and perfectly balanced set of effects. Here is everything you need to know about RockStar.

Origins of RockStar

The RockStar cannabis strain was created in the Bonguru Beans’ labs by crossing a strain from the Paradise Seeds called Rockbud and Sensi Star from the Soma A+ labs.

When it comes to its lineage, RockStar og shows impressive background, which is a great promise of the effects and cannabinoid profile of this bud.

THC Content of RockStar

RockStar comes with a powerful level of THC, ranging between 14% and 19% on average. Popular for its strong-hitting effects, this bud induces a potent high, without the sedation that usually comes when using indica-dominant strain.

The Appearance of RockStar Strain

RockStar kush grows medium-sized buds of a very dense, spade-shaped structure. These olive green nugs are dark in color and have some purple shades. Generously covered with fiery orange pistils, RockStar buds look insanely beautiful. Additionally, the frosty layer of trichomes makes these buds really sticky to the touch. Our quality growers have become very talented at growing RockStar strain.

Fragrance & Flavors of RockStar

RockStar is characterized by its pungent and intense kushy fragrance with some spicy and sweet tones. This bud also smells a little earthy as it dries out.

As for its flavor, the RockStar marijuana strain tastes similar to how it smells, but with more hints of citrus and skunkiness. Although the aroma of RockStar may not be very tempting to some, its taste will make you fall in love with this exotic combination of flavors. It is one of the favorites in the cannabis industry.

Effects of RockStar

RockStar induces a strong-hitting high that starts in your head and enhances your focus. As the high continues, the bud will gradually make you feel uplifted and de-stressed. Moreover, the infica-side of RockStar will peacefully take over your body, while relieving stress and tension.

Pretty soon, your body will be completely relaxed and your mind in a peaceful state. RockStar will make you feel good about everything around you, and yourself. Additionally, this indica dominant-hybrid increases appetite, so you will want to have some snacks on the side. Keep in mind to control your munchies, as the RockStar marijuana strain can make you eat too much in no time, causing drowsiness and making you sleepy.

Medical Uses of RockStar

One of the main reasons why medical marijuana users choose the RockStar strain is its ability to soothe chronic pain and aches. Moreover, because of its powerful body relaxing properties, this bud is ideal for those looking for a great stress reliever.

RockStar is also recommended for those dealing with a lack of appetite, as this bud makes its users feel hungry in no time. If you’re suffering from trouble sleeping, it may also come in handy, helping you get sleepy and relaxed. Although RockStar won’t make you feel sedated, you are likely to peacefully fall asleep after smoking this bud. Smoking this very potent strain also helps with muscle spasms.

Potential Side Effects of RockStar

Usually, when you smoke marijuana you can end up feeling your mouth and eyes dry. However, that is pretty much what happens when you consume too much of any cannabis strain.

Novice users should be careful when dosing the RockStar strain, as in higher doses, it may lead to feeling a little dizzy. Additionally, some users may experience anxiety, especially if they smoke too much.

RockStar – Summary

RockStar is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that induces utterly relaxing effects but without sedation. Beneficial for both recreational and medical users, this bud is indeed one of many stoners’ “favorite strains”, providing them with a perfectly balanced high.

Relaxing and uplifting, British Columbia RockStar kush is usually recommended for evening or nighttime use.

8 reviews for Rockstar (AAA)

  1. kelseybeck12 (verified owner)

    I love this stuff gets this often

  2. haynescaitlin (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Really tight buds great taste and great high

  3. clayfree88 (verified owner)

    First time i got rockstar and i have to say its awesome
    would for sure buy this strain again

  4. Wayne (verified owner)

    Great stuff full of crystals when you break it up, taste was top shelf earthy but not too over powering. Description was dead on, great long lasting indica buzz. fast delivery too

  5. renn1970_ (verified owner)

    Very good strain. Extremely sticky and full of crystals. Long lasting high.

  6. Kingcanadian902 (verified owner)

    Can never go wrong with rockstar

  7. ketch (verified owner)

    Very powerful strain, tight, rock hard buds. Will order again.

  8. Glipglop137 (verified owner)

    Great high, good taste, small nugs coated with crystals. Was really good for vaping.

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